• Jessica Davies

    A Certified Zentangle Teacher® (CZT) and Mixed Media Explorer in addition to her day job, Jessica curated a career that complements her art. When not in her Maryland studio, she teaches recurring Zentangle® classes online in addition to corporate and private clients, and also at regional and national art retreats. Her classes, like her personality, are laid back and always injected with a sense of whimsy and a big dose of positivity.

    Q&A with Jessica

    How long have you been practicing Zentangle®?

    I was introduced to Zentangle in September 2011. I took one class and was totally hooked! Four years and many classes later, I became a Certified Zentangle Teacher at a seminar with the founders of Zentangle, Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. The tangling community has unlocked a world of opportunity and friendships for which I am eternally grateful.


    What is a mixed media explorer?

    Like any explorer -- think Magellan or Marco Polo -- I like to see what's out there, what's possible. I just do it with art supplies and don't limit myself to one medium at a time. 


    Why "Salted Pink?"

    When starting my art business, I purposefully set out to identify a scalable moniker beyond my name. I already had a pink streak in my hair so it made sense to carry that personal brand over to the business. While enjoying a salted caramel latte one day it suddenly occurred that I could use "salted" to incorporate my passion of glittery goodness. After a quick web search discovered Salted Pink was available as a domain name, voila, Salted Pink Studio was born.


    How else would you describe yourself?

    Artist, career-minded individual, fierce friend, empty nester and craftaholic, not necessarily in that order.


    What are you holding in the middle image above? "Pink is not a ..." what???

    Pink Is Not A Color is a delightful book by Lindsay Ward that I received as a birthday present. This picture book is in the kids section but it's just as perfect for adults (or those who qualify as adult based on their years on earth). The official description of the book reads:


    "Pink loves her rosy world, from her pink toy dinosaur to her pet flamingo, Phil. But when she sees the Primaries and Secondaries getting ready for the Rainbow Extravaganza, she begins to wonder why she isn’t in the rainbow…and if that means she’s not really a color. Then she meets the Tints, and she’s even more confused. Luckily, a friend shows her the many ways she spreads joy―reminding Pink that she is truly one of a kind, rainbow or not."


    It's the perfect message for all of us, whether we are humans or colors. :-)

  • Regularly scheduled classes are currently on hold while the studio is moving.

    You can click the Eventbrite link to follow and be notified when new classes are posted this fall.

  • Testimonials

    "Jessica's workshops are so much fun! Her style of teaching is supportive and encouraging, and she empowers my imagination!"  - Yvonne W., Toronto 


    "Jessica's teaching style, both online and at retreats, is exceptional! Her classes are very well prepared and presented. Five stars for this Salted Pink instructor!" - Jenny P., Maine


    "Jessica's classes are so much fun! She's incredibly talented, kind, and patient. Because of her encouragement I leave her classes wanting to play more with my art!" - Ellinor B., Tennessee