• Zentangle®

    Zentangle is an easy-to-learn, relaxing and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. Almost anyone can use it to create stunning, non-representational art. It increases focus and creativity, provides artistic satisfaction along with an increased sense of personal well-being. The Zentangle Method is enjoyed all over the world, across a wide range of skills, interests and ages, and has become a metaphor for deliberate artistry in life.


    Trained by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, the founders of Zentangle, I am certified to teach tangling and the eight-step Zentangle Method. I teach locally, online, at regional and international retreats, and also offer private lessons and corporate seminars.

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  • My Original Zentangle patterns

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    Yay! Birthday tangling 2022 involved a new combo pattern I came up with after watching a documentary on Pompeii. Some of the mosaics and stone carvings they featured had a fascinating scrollwork that captivated me. As I played with the scrolling patterns, this is what happened.


    When it came time to name this pattern, I decided on Yay because the finished result looks like someone jumping for joy, throwing out their arms in complete happiness as their feet leave the ground.


    Yay presents a lot of options for the tangler as you can use it in a fragment, in a line, in a circle, in a grid, solo, etc. It's a whirlwind of joy -- YAY!

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    Birthday Fragment



    At its core, this pattern a mash-up of two patterns, Bales and Cubine, in a fragment. It's so much fun to draw because it has so many possibilities! Straight grid, wonky grid, spacey grid, line weights, striping, auras, tipples, additional patterns inside the Bales or the Cubine, and the list goes on.

    This was still an unnamed fragment when I first taught it in a class on my birthday in 2021. Thus this is simply -- and maybe unoriginally -- the Birthday Fragment. Think of it as a birthday present from me to you every time you use it.

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    Double J's



    Double J's was developed after looking at many traditional Batik patterns. When attempting to deconstruct the image, I found myself starting with the J shape and then building out from there. (J for Jessica, naturally!) As with most of my favorite patterns, there are MANY ways to play with this: grids, lines, filled, solo, in groups, circles, medallion-esque ... the list goes on!


    Double J's was the focus for my Pink Friday tangling class in November 2021. Search the pattern name on the Salted Pink FB page for examples from the class. Feel free to share yours, too!


  • Share your work

    I'd love to see how you use these gems in your own pieces. Please use the tag #saltedpinkstudio when you post pictures on social media featuring these patterns. I'll do my best to comment on each and every one (In fairness, I am active on Facebook and Instagram. If you post on Twitter, SnapChat or the latest dating app, I likely won't see it.)