Bauble-ing along

I did a little tangling this weekend, but I mostly fell more in love with these colorful baubles.

These are the ones that were completed this weekend. There are a handful more in various stages. Some are waiting for the perfect setting. Some are still sporting wet glue. And some, well, some of them I just couldn't decide if they were best in silver or copper or gold so they are sitting off to the side until inspiration hits.

This is what they look like before being plunged and glued into their setting. The orange sherbet colored one is my fave. I just love how the gold shimmer picks up the gold script. Mmmm. The teal and purple in the bottom right corner is pretty awesome too with its gold and silver dancing under glass.

I experimented with the color of the settings. Copper above and black below.

And yes, that's some of my original Zentangled art under glass!

This series of teal and green on a black background was created with a stencil and some fun, iridescent paints. The side view makes it easier to see the iridescence.

There are MANY more! I don't want to bore you with all the photos here. Drop me a line if you're interested in purchasing any of these beauties. Gotta sell some of them to make room for more! :)  

Speaking of that ... my friend Laurie is putting some of these in her Edgewater salon. Proceeds from the sale of these will benefit the local chapter of the Make A Wish Foundation. The others will be up on Etsy or available for direct purchase. Just give a shout if you see one you like! 

P.S. - all the settings are nickel, lead and toxin free, and come with a chain.

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